Beyond business – the intimate face of market research

• Understanding how mobile and proximity technologies turned market research in an intimate and personalized activity • Exploring the strategies that allow you to dig through massive amounts of data for the insights that really matter to reach your customers • Utilizing content marketing research across multiple devices to interact and comprehend customers in real […]

Ignore social media at your own risk

• Validating and contextualizing “noise” from social media • Aligning online research with in-the-moment mobile data to deliver rich and meaningful consumer insight • Exploring how real time engagement with consumers and behavioral targeting can deliver ROI for brands

Envisioning the future of mobile surveys in Africa

• Assessing the challenges and limitations to map and capitalise on the upcoming potential of mobile surveys in Africa • Utilising a variety of different metrics to assess survey design and research platform reliability • Taking passive-data generated information to the next level and access real transformative insights

Using insight communities to better understand today’s mobile, social and empowered customers

True customer centricity is hard to achieve, but some brands are starting to crack the code by engaging their customers in permanent, ongoing dialogue. • Understand how leading brands are using insight communities to better understand today’s empowered customer • Discover how customer collaboration has increased market share, improved new product development, supported brand repositioning […]