Dali Tembo, Instant Grass International

Strategic Business Director of Instant Grass International. Dali Tembo is one of the leading minds canvassing how globalization is affecting Africa’s Youth. Having completed his undergrad in Organizational Psychology, Business Management and Public Management, Dali went on to study a Post Grad Honors in Marketing and a MBA specializing in the Emerging markets from the University of Liverpool.

Dali has delivered strategic guidance to numerous multi-national corporations (spanning most consumer categories) and communities of trend spotters in 22 countries including: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Angola, Tanzania and Kenya (just to name a few).

Dali has also presented a national report (commissioned by the Richard Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship) which looked at the state entrepreneurship in SA, as well as a national Insights project into the state of the youth (which were used by the Human Sciences Research Council) to advise Government Youth Policy.

Amongst other things, Dali has also run his own Youth Trends Columns, contributed to a few leading South African magazines on emerging trends and been a regular guest speaker at the AAA school of Advertising, Vega, the University of Cape Town and Wits University.

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